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A large-scale enterprise integrating production and installation of kitchen equipment and refrigeration equipment · Quality-oriented, honest service, customer first

Leader’s Speech

Leader’s Speech

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  Welcome to our website for learning more about us. Shandong Kosmos Kitchenware Co.,Ltd is a professional eco-friendly commercial kitchenware company engaged in research, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales operation services of kitchenwares. Our company has environmental pollution special design qualification certificate for exhaust gas, noise and waste water and has obtained the certificate of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.
  Thanks to the consistent support and great kindness from all circles, the company, in the quality policy of “Quality Advancement, Environmental Protection & Energy Saving, Pragmatism & Innovation, Customer Satisfaction”, provides sincere services and keep endeavor in work and constant improvement in pursuit of excellence, enjoying a good reputation among kitchen ware industry. Urging on “Making still further progress”, we will take past achievements as new start point on the way forward, repay customers with higher-quality products and better services, and open up the future enterprise with higher spirit and higher target.

Leader’s Speech Leader’s Speech Leader’s Speech
  Kosmos will continuously persist in the high unity between social benefit and economic benefit, corporate benefit and customer benefit and constantly standardize the company operation to speed up the corporate development and improve the company image to make the company more excellent, stronger and larger. I believe that our professional kitchen equipment manufacturing, professional kitchen engineering design layout, installation experience and professional after-sales operation services will provide high-quality kitchen wares and kitchen engineering for you to pave a way to success for customers.
  Finally, I would like to express my sincere invitation to you for learning more about our company and starting sincere business cooperation.