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Shandong Keyu Kitchen Industry Co., Ltd.
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A large-scale enterprise integrating production and installation of kitchen equipment and refrigeration equipment · Quality-oriented, honest service, customer first

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Keyu Induction Cooker - Low Carbon Environmental Protection Kitchenware
How to choose a complete set of commercial kitchen equipment?
The purchase of complete sets of commercial kitchen equipment is a very important thing. If you choose not to choose a commercial kitchen equipment, it will be very troublesome after purchase. How to buy it?
How the future of the kitchenware market
China has about 1.3 billion people. Kitchen utensils are essential household items. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for kitchen utensils is increasing.
Commercial kitchen equipment - Keyu commercial induction cooker
Commercial kitchen equipment refers to large kitchen equipment suitable for dining places such as hotels, restaurants, restaurants, and canteens of major institutions, schools, and construction sites. It is characterized by a wide variety of products, specifications, power, capacity, etc.
Keyu commercial induction cooker low carbon, green, environmental protection, create a new era of commercial kitchen utensils
With the continuous increase in international crude oil prices and the introduction of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, domestic fuel gas, diesel, natural gas and other fuel prices are rising, which directly increases the operating costs of enterprises...
Keyu Induction Cooker - Low Carbon Environmental Protection Kitchenware
Today, low carbon environmental protection has become an inevitable trend and fashion. In addition to promoting low-carbon environmental protection in the office environment, office consumables, production environment, and saving raw and auxiliary materials...
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