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Keyu commercial induction cooker low carbon, green, environmental protection, create a new era of commercial kitchen utensils

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With the continuous increase in international crude oil prices and the introduction of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, domestic fuel gas, diesel, natural gas and other fuel prices are rising, which directly increases the operating costs of enterprises, as the electrical industry is closely related to people's lives. The carbon issue is highly regarded and marks the arrival of the low carbon era.


From the history of the development of the kitchenware industry , the catering industry has become the hottest industry with the highest growth rate and the fastest development rate in the domestic consumer demand market in recent years. The stove has evolved from the traditional oil and gas dual-purpose stove to the development process of high-power commercial induction cooker. Kinds of kitchen utensils have established their own era in different periods. Based on the technology of traditional kitchen utensils development , commercial induction cookers have made major technological breakthroughs and become the new darling of the market.


According to industry experts, the advantages of Keyu commercial induction cooker are firstly energy-saving: commercial induction cooker is a new type of energy-saving product . Commercial induction cooker cooks or produces food. The furnace body does not generate heat. It uses high-frequency magnetic field to generate induced eddy current at the bottom of the iron pot . The cookware itself heats the food for cooking, and there is no other loss link. Therefore , the thermal efficiency of Keyu commercial induction cooker is nearly 95%, the heat energy loss is small  , the cooking speed is fast, and energy is saved, and the thermal efficiency of the ordinary gas stove is only about 30%. Secondly, it is environmentally friendly. Because it is electromagnetic induction heating , it has no open flame, no heat radiation, no smoke, no ash,  no pollution,  no room temperature rise , no harmful substances such as carbon monoxide , carbon dioxide and carbon trioxide. The third is high efficiency, Keyu commercial induction cooker power is large,  the general model is between 3.5KW-30KW ,  the thermal efficiency is nearly 95% , the heat energy loss is small, and the cooking speed is of course fast. The fourth is safety.  Keyu commercial induction cooker adopts stainless steel full-sealed structure ,  no leakage ,  no water seepage ,  no danger of burns and electric shock,  no explosion and fire, safe and reliable.


Keyu commercial induction cooker low carbon,  green,  environmental protection,  create  a  new  era  of  commercial  kitchen  utensils.