Keyu Induction Cooker - Low Carbon Environmental Protection Kitchenware

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Today, low carbon environmental protection has become an inevitable trend and fashion. In addition to promoting low-carbon environmental protection in the office environment, office consumables, production environment, and saving raw and auxiliary materials, Keyu Kitchen has invested a lot of manpower and resources in the research and development of new energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and developed new energy-saving kitchen utensils to realize green kitchen. Advocate healthy living.


Keyu Kitchen Industry takes science and technology innovation as its goal, energy conservation and emission reduction is its responsibility. Through the research on high-power commercial induction cooker, it has successively launched a series of induction cooker products, successfully achieving carbon-free, waste-free, safe, energy-saving and efficient green. Kitchenware. In line with the special needs of catering, hotels, enterprises and institutions canteen, the high-power commercial induction cooker tailored for them is safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and saves the operating costs of the company to the greatest extent. It can be said that a kitchen appliance energy saving has been set up in the catering industry. A new revolution in emission reduction.


Keyu Induction Cooker series products comply with the environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency requirements of the stove market. The power is from 5kw to 50kw, which can meet the commercial demand to the greatest extent. The unique heating method of the induction cooker makes the pot itself directly generate heat, and the energy efficient use of electromagnetic induction eddy current heating Principle, the magnetic lines passing through the bottom of the pot make the molecules move to generate heat, which is fast and time-saving. The thermal efficiency is over 90%, which is more than three times higher than that of the conventional stove. Whether fried, fried, cooked, fried or steamed, boiled and roasted. And stewing, greatly shortened the time and improved efficiency.


In addition, compared with the traditional stove, the induction cooker has stronger power output, rapid energy transfer, fast heating, and timely response, saving energy by up to 73%. Induction cooker does not produce high heat and toxic gas, ultra-quiet, nameless fire burning, providing the chef with an absolutely quiet and comfortable working environment. It has completely changed the image of the traditional kitchen smoke, the sparks of Mars, the sewage and the sultry environment.


Although the development of low-carbon environmentally-friendly kitchen utensils seems rugged, when more kitchenware manufacturers realize the importance of low-carbon environmental protection, low-carbon environmental protection kitchenware is bound to have a greater leap-forward development. Keyu Kitchen will continue to increase the development of new energy-saving kitchen utensils, vigorously develop new materials and product technology innovations, improve the technical content of kitchen utensils, and make its own contribution to creating a low-carbon life.

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