Japanese Cuisine Tableware


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Japanese Cuisine Tableware

Product Introduction

Melamine tableware series is made from melamine-formaldehyde resin as raw materials and cellulose as the base material by adding pigments and other auxiliaries. Its features include toxic-free and odorless, up to national food hygienic standard and FDA standard; strong impact resistance, low damage rate, long service life, repeated use, saving operation cost in a large amount; smooth in material and beautiful in appearance, hand feeling like ceramics and higher end than enamel, stainless steel and normal plastic tableware. It is the first choice of people during their consumption in recent years; strong heat resistance, suitable for clean and disinfection in a dish-washing machine under 120℃; due to poor thermal conductivity, it will neither burn your hands in holding hot meal nor cool quickly; it is available to be made into various colors, not only improving dining environment but also easy to check out according to different colored tableware (price differentiation); good chemical stability, strong odor resistance, hard to leave the odor of food, etc.

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